A strange Sunday

Sunday was one of those days when all I could seem to do was lounge on the sofa and read, in that semi-dream state where words mingle with reality. In the morning I took a sojourn among The Sea Kings of Mars thanks to Leigh Brackett. I have had the Fantasy Masterworks volume of her stories for some years, and was two thirds of the way through the titular story when I realised I had read it before. Later that afternoon, having had a nice chat with Garth Nix at World Fantasy, I returned to Sabriel and as with all good books, found a little more than I had the last time I lost myself in its pages.

I’ve been listening to audio and video recordings of Australian aboriginal speakers for the story I am researching. I would love to find a phonetic transcription so I can see the dialect represented on the page. If anyone knows of such a thing, please let me know. I’ve also been reading about the Stolen Generations. I’m wary of touching on a subject like this without any personal connection to it, but the story has taken me there so I think I have to trust it.

Stories in dreams and dream time stories. A strange Sunday.


Published by Damien Walter

Writer and storyteller. Contributor to The Guardian, Independent, BBC, Wired, Buzzfeed and Aeon magazine. Special forces librarian (retired). Teaches the Rhetoric of Story to over 35,000 students worldwide.


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