A strange Sunday

Sunday was one of those days when all I could seem to do was lounge on the sofa and read, in that semi-dream state where words mingle with reality. In the morning I took a sojourn among The Sea Kings of Mars thanks to Leigh Brackett. I have had the Fantasy Masterworks volume of her stories for some years, and was two thirds of the way through the titular story when I realised I had read it before. Later that afternoon, having had a nice chat with Garth Nix at World Fantasy, I returned to Sabriel and as with all good books, found a little more than I had the last time I lost myself in its pages.

I’ve been listening to audio and video recordings of Australian aboriginal speakers for the story I am researching. I would love to find a phonetic transcription so I can see the dialect represented on the page. If anyone knows of such a thing, please let me know. I’ve also been reading about the Stolen Generations. I’m wary of touching on a subject like this without any personal connection to it, but the story has taken me there so I think I have to trust it.

Stories in dreams and dream time stories. A strange Sunday.



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