Are the interwebs destroying reading?

The other thing about colds (I’m pretty sure this a bad cold and not flu but that’s purely an assumption. I’ve never really known the difference between the two. So I’m either manfully resisting the the flu germs, or caving into a common garden cold like a wuss) hmmm…where was I? Oh yes, the other thing about colds is that they give me far too much time to indulge bad habits, which today has meant catering to my obsessive compulsive desire to check social networks. Facebook status, blog stats, Twitter feed. Facebook status, blog stats, Twitter feed. Facebook status, blog stats, Twitter feed. And repeat. Endlessly. (I think the excitement I experience when I see the little red light at the bottom of my Facebook is unhealthy. In fact I know it is.) Perhaps this holy trinity of time wastage is what Tim Adams is referring to in his meandering consideration of the effects of digital reading and writing on our powers of concentration. I wish I could say he was wrong, but I’ve already forgotten what he was talking about.


An attempt to discuss Cat Valente’s foray into science fiction degrades into a moan about the lack of science in science fiction. Maybe our degrading attention span is really a mercy intended to spare us from SF that takes its science too seriously. (Yes…still grumpy)

Modern rats aren’t ratty enough for Thrin.


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