Stop. You are not a machine.

I do not know the origin of this. But I agree with it entirely.



Stop. You are not a machine. Your natural design does not tolerate 2-4 hours of travel per day, 8-12 hours of slave-labor 5-6 days per week for whatever monetary compensation on 5-6 hours of sleep in a system built on penalistic principle and a life under judgmental surveillance. Like it or not, you are human. Stress, harassment, constant financial worries, fear and sense of inadequacy destroys the health of any human. This is a scientific fact. So why is it that we accept and tolerate a system that in actual reality demands that you erase your needs, and in effect commit a slow joyless suicide for someone elses profit? You have a choice, stop pretending that you don’t.

4 thoughts on “Stop. You are not a machine.”

  1.  Why ask the question and not
    provide an attempted answer. Many question are ask. it is time for
    answer. To this question in particular I come to understand that ther is
    mass hypnosys provided by mass médis social média publicity at large
    and materialistique view. To escape this hypnosis an individual must
    take him/herself apart experience with silence in order to let
    selfconscience to arise.


  2. It’s hard to disagree with a text like that, but it’s a one-sided and incomplete appeal to an emotion. With the same amount of fallacies I can ‘rewrite’ such a text in minutes and you’ll find yourself having the same trouble of disagreeing… you know what, I did… partly serious, but to show it’s a cheap way of practicing philosophy… Regarding the text above, I dunno its origin either, but I would be disappointed if it came from a great thinker…

    Continue – alternate approach



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