Before Their Books Were Famous, These Authors Worked the Following Odd Jobs

Golly. I did so many jobs before I fond my way in to writing. Waiter. Bin man. Factory worker. Salesman. Fast food “operative”. And I still do, although today my freelance work is a lot more fun and creative than sweeping streets. But being a writer often means sacrificing the easy path of a 9-5 career. And the easy pay cheque that goes with it. Every writer, and every artist, has a unique path. What was yours?

Coffee and Bookaholics

It may seem as though all the famous writers have full-time writing jobs to which boost their chances of their novels selling and hitting the bookshelves. However, by looking through the authors etched in literary history, this is far from the case. Many of our iconic authors worked odd-end jobs while they sold their short stories and novels. Read ahead and find out the interesting jobs these five famous authors worked before their novels became a part of history.

Chuck Palahniuk

Today, the 52-year-old Chuck Palahniuk has a “cult” following behind his novels, which include Fight Club, Doomed, Damned, Pygmy, Survivor, Snuff, Rant, Diary, Haunted and more. While Palahniuk did gain his BA in journalism and afterwards worked in Portland as a journalist for a local newspaper, he left the position. According to his website,, he proceeded with a diesel…

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