Rhetoric of Story weekend sale!

A year ago I began recording a set of 7 talks for the Rhetoric of Story. This week I recorded the seventh.

The large gap between the 6th talk, recorded last September, and the 7th talk, came for a simple reason. I got very sick in January. I’m fine now, but while I was recovering I reduced my work schedule to the minimum. Rhetoric of Story went on hold.

So I’m very happy to be fully recovered, and to have finally completed the Rhetoric of Story course. To celebrate, I’m offering the full full course at 80% off for this weekend only. Click the link below, and use coupon code STORY at checkout.

The Rhetoric of Story.

I hope you enjoy the 7th and final talk on Emotion: the secret super power of story.

Yours, Damien.

PS: Vote! (Labour)


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