Anita Blake – Vampire Hunter

Guilty Pleasures & The Laughing Corpse  by Laurell K Hamilton  I’m a virulent defender of genre fiction and the trash aesthetic. I’ve literally risked life and limb to advocate the cause of all things pulp against the literary establishment. Only last week I stood in a classroom full of A-Level English teachers and proclaimed AlanContinue reading “Anita Blake – Vampire Hunter”

Horus Rising by Dan Abnett

  Under the benevolent leadership of the Emperor the Imperium has stretched across the galaxy in a golden age… Whoa there – Golden age? Benevolent leadership? Isn’t this Warhammer 40K, the most brutal SF franchise known to man and home of the universes toughest homosexual icons, the Space Marines? The new series from the BlackContinue reading “Horus Rising by Dan Abnett”

Light – M John Harrison

Light – M John Harrison     Spaceships, magicians, anorexics, London, deep space, virtual worlds, gritty realities. If Harrison were a chef he’d have just invented the first dish known to man to contain every majour ingredient. And within this riotous cocktail are the strange shapes of the quantumn world as it intersects with theContinue reading “Light – M John Harrison”