Bollywood Star Wars absolutely needs to be a thing

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Interstellar – shooting script

I’m working hard to get myself martyred. But whether it will be at the hands of fundamentalist conservative Christians, or transhumanist adherents of the Church of Scientism…well…you be the judge. Members of the Science Fiction podcast community can now read the full shooting script for my next video essay Interstellar Is A Religious Experience. IContinue reading “Interstellar – shooting script”

The redemption of Christopher Nolan

I have the same criticism of Chris Nolan’s movies as many critics. Once you get past the high concept movie making, how much meaning is there in the Nolan filmography? It’s not just the inaudible dialogue that made TENET problematic. When you get down to it is there anything more to Nolan than narrative gimmicksContinue reading “The redemption of Christopher Nolan”

Last hope for heroic fantasy

I was really hoping the D&D movie would be good. There’s been a of disappointing capital F for Fantasy storytelling recently. Fake Tolkien. Wheel of Tedium. Willow…best ignored. So I was prepared for the worst. What I got is one of the best heroic fantasy movies for a very long time. And maybe more importantly…aContinue reading “Last hope for heroic fantasy”

Every way Dune 2 could be a total catastrophe

Dune is a story about men in rubber suits fighting over who gets to eat the poop of giant sand worms.

There’s a lot of ways telling that story on a cinema screen can go HORRIBLY wrong.

Even after the success of Dune part 1 – which I consider to be a masterpiece – Denis Villeneuve has an uphill fight to repeat the trick with DUNE 2.

As a lesson in narrative craft and storytelling, it’s valuable to think through what those challenges are and how the story will have to be adapted to prevent it being a total…


TRIGGER WARNING – contains criticism of Frank Herbert and the essentially gendered nature of archetypal storytelling.

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Rollerball is one hell of a movie

The best thing about Rollerball? No CGI They took a bunch of stunt guys, strapped them into roller skates, tossed in some dirt bikes then actually played Rollerball to figure out how it would work in real life. No fatalities but a couple of serious injuries. I’m sure everyone had a blast. There are twoContinue reading “Rollerball is one hell of a movie”

All the scifi movies you love are allegory

Blimey. There’s a thread on the movie Ad Astra burning in the Science Fiction group. And I need to find the gif of Mal Reynolds to express my feelings on it. I’ll make it the first comment. Look. Folks. Do people generally understand that Ad Astra is an allegory? It’s been the fashion for scifiContinue reading “All the scifi movies you love are allegory”

Yes, Deckard is a Replicant

So. The major reason that the “Deckard is a Replicant” matter confuses many fans of the movie is that much of Blade Runner is told by implication. Firstly, Nexus replicants are identical to humans in every regard, including genetics. That’s why the empathy test is required. Secondly, if replicants live long enough they also developContinue reading “Yes, Deckard is a Replicant”

The ancient book of wisdom at the heart of every computer

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz was a German mathematician, scientist, philosopher, diplomat and theologian (which will become important to the story) and owner of many fabulous wigs. Or what we would today call a polymath. Leibnitz became curious about numbers. If there were 10 base numbers because humans have ten fingers, what would have happened if weContinue reading “The ancient book of wisdom at the heart of every computer”