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YouTube recently reminded me that it will be five years (on 7th May) since I uploaded my first video and began my journey into making online courses for writers and storytellers. Since then my courses on Udemy and Skillshare have had over 35,000 enrolled students worldwide. That success has also brought new opportunities. This weekContinue reading “My new collaboration with”

I’ve never shouted so loud

The first clue was mud all over the floor. Then I saw the doors of my wardrobe were open. The wardrobe where I keep my camera equipment. The camera equipment which was now gone, gone, gone. I stomped around my house for the next five minutes searching for my obviously stolen camera equipment. Honestly, I’veContinue reading “I’ve never shouted so loud”

Dyson Spheres, Sam Harris and skillful free will

What do Dyson Spheres and the philosophical discussion have to do with one another? In this talk Damien has fun with a response to Sam Harris’ denial of free will, as widely debated on Clubhouse in the week of this recording.

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Workshop 4 – Advanced Scifi and Fantasy

Every story has two levels – the Surface and the Archetypal On the surface every story is unique. But beneath the surface level all stories explore the same basic patterns of human life – the archetypes. The fourth workshop in Advanced Scifi & Fantasy : writing the 21st century myth, begins with a deep diveContinue reading “Workshop 4 – Advanced Scifi and Fantasy”

Terry Pratchett fans will love The Watch…eventually

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Star Wars – addiction or recovery?

My major teaching project for this year has been Advanced Scifi & Fantasy : Writing the 21st Century Myth. This new course is my journey to try and understand what myths are doing in our lives today. I’m happy that almost five thousand students have so far enrolled on the course to join that journey.

A highlight of the course – and of my year – was interviewing John Vervaeke, Professor of Cognitive Psychology at the University of Toronto (where he teaches alongside Jordan Peterson) on the meaning of myth. And of Star Wars.

A member of John’s community created a brief edited video from out 90 minute conversation. In just a few minutes, it captures the whole meaning of our discussion.

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How Blade Runner constructs an empathy test…for the audience

The science fiction author Philip Kindred Dick believed that humans were defined – not by our intelligence or our technology – but by our empathy. The human capacity for empathy – our ability to place our self into the experience of the other – is what makes us truly human. It’s our capacity for empathyContinue reading “How Blade Runner constructs an empathy test…for the audience”