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Theres a Fiver in it

Learned today that my NaNoWriMo exploits have become the basis illegitimate black market dealings, including the betting of hard cash. I feel strangely invigorated by the idea. Of course need to forget that for every person betting on me, there is at least one other betting against. Given the choice I’m not sure which way my money would go at the moment. I’m well behind the pace but I still have a few tricks up my sleeve yet (Headline – DGW’s odds shortened to 3/1 following ‘Still has tricks up sleeve’ news.)

Must now choose between settling down to another disciplined 1700 words of NaNo or Mission Impossible III…you would think that would be an easy decision wouldn’t you? But no, even Tom Cruise may not be enough to put me off.

Bike it!

Found a new love. Brought her home with me. Had her stolen by some dirty handed scutter…nnoooooo!

So I’d had the new montain bike for twelve days when it went awol. I’m starting to feel better now that the replacement has arived. But I’m still struggling to deal with the idea that my ride is in the hands of a thieving toe-rag, or even worse got sold on for crack. Theres many things you can do in this world but you don’t touch a mans MTB.

I’ve been cruising bike racks and E-Bay. I keep thinking I can see it…just over the next crest in the road. give me back my bike!


My beautiful MTB