LeGuin vs. Winterson

Ursula K LeGuin has reviewed the new novel from Jeanette Winterson ‘The Stone Gods’, a novel which as previously recounted here on The Fiction Front is according to its author absolutely not science fiction, despite containing space ships and aliens. LeGuin identifies Wintersons folly exactly when she says: ‘I am bothered, though, by the curiousContinue reading “LeGuin vs. Winterson”

Please God Make Winterson Stop Talking

I don’t always like the focus within the specualtive fiction community on ‘How Others See Us’ but I feel compelledĀ  to redistribute this peach fromĀ  Jeanette Winterson. Have you ever seen someone barge into a debate half-way through, repeat things that have already been said, refuse to listen to anybody else and then claim theyContinue reading “Please God Make Winterson Stop Talking”

Gough’s Ghetto

An interesting post from Julian Gough that nails the problem afflicting not just literary fiction but many other genres as well, the ghetto mentality. This strikes me as something that needs defining: Gough’s Ghetto – the act of a devotee of one literary genre assuming assuming that no literature exists beyond their limited viewpoint. Hmm…thatContinue reading “Gough’s Ghetto”

I Hate the Booker Prize

And with good reason. Just take a look at the judges. These people look like the judging committee of a village fete. Can anybody say ‘White upper middle class conspiracy theory’. The rumour is that the Booker Prize rewards the best literary fiction. What utter arse. If it did I would still loathe it, butContinue reading “I Hate the Booker Prize”