The Short Story

Once again the National Short Story Prize have neglected to include me on their shortlist. The nerve of it! Instead they chose this lot: ‘Slog’s Dad’ by David Almond ‘The Morena’ by Jonathan Falla ‘The Orphan and the Mob’ by Julian Gough ‘How to Get Away with Suicide’ by Jackie Kay ‘Weddings and Beheadings’ by HanifContinue reading “The Short Story”

The Litt Fic Genre

An interesting breakdown of the literary fiction genre by Toby Litt. Its refreshing to see someone usualy heavily associated with LitFic abandon the partisan position and admit that at bottom is just another genre. Toby is in a good place to comment, being represented by the Mic Cheetham agency who happen to also have IainContinue reading “The Litt Fic Genre”

The World in a Drop of Water

M John Harrison has posted an interesting response to the question of realities within fiction on the TTA Press forum. Believe it or not I’ve actualy spent quite a bit of time debating this issue myself. Not that you could tell that by my contribution to the thread. I agree with MJH, but it doesn’tContinue reading “The World in a Drop of Water”