Is fantasy just entertainment?

Just because fantasy is everywhere doesn’t mean it has to appeal to the lowest common denominator. We must keep sight of its roots in ancient storytelling and its power to transform. There are few things people love more then a well-told tale. We’ve been gathering around the fire (or that 20th-century equivalent, the television set)Continue reading “Is fantasy just entertainment?”

Gemmell Award Winner

Andrezj Sapkowski has won the innugural David Gemmell award for Fantasy fiction (Fantasy with a big F, as the organisers say). There is a lot to like about the Gemmell’s. I loved David Gemmell’s novels as a teenager and was sad when he passed away. I can really enjoy a rollicking good heroic fantasy, markContinue reading “Gemmell Award Winner”

David Gemmell Legend Award

David Gemmell was one of my favourite writers as a teenager. His high octane fantasy novels such as Legend and A Wolf in Shadow really rocked my world. In memory of his fantastic stories the David Gemmell Legend Award has been established to celebrate the best in fantasy writing (with a focus on epic andContinue reading “David Gemmell Legend Award”