What is the relationship between artists and depression?

The skilled and thoughtful William Gosline returns for a second guest post. The news of Robin Williams’ suicide has sparked an ongoing conversation about depression and mental ill-health among artists and other creatives. In a nuanced postĀ Gosline reaches beyond the simple correlation between creativity and depression, to reflect on the real and complex relationship betweenContinue reading “What is the relationship between artists and depression?”

Digital nomads are a 21st century counterculture

Slouching Toward Nimmanhaemin Digital nomads are a 21st century counterculture. The choices they make today will shape how we live and work tomorrow. Words and pictures by Damien Walter The global network enables us to react to the world as a whole. – Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media The center was not holding. But that wasContinue reading “Digital nomads are a 21st century counterculture”