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Cheer up! The future is Shiny

The future. If our television screens are to be believed, it’s not a place you’d want to go. Dwindling resources will continue to fuel national rivalries, pitching the world into a state of endless war. Our environment will become ever more chaotic and unpredictable. Our economic system will collapse under its own weight, plunging the first world back into a pre-industrial state. And of course nuclear armageddon, so narrowly avoided during the cold war, may yet come back to bite us on the rear.

Hmm. Well, maybe.

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Shine On

Not that long ago, I made the fairly safe prediction that some enterprising editor would put together an anthology of optimistic sf, and lo! my prediction has come to pass…

Jetse de Vries to edit Shine, anthology of optimistic science fiction.

I’m going to go out on a limb and make a further prediction that this will be an anthology to look out for. To go all mystic for a second, there is an interesting energy around the idea of optimism at the moment, both within science fiction and beyond. If the Shine anthology picks up even an ounce of that (and I think it will), its going to be a fascinating read.