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Steampunk: the future of the past

Forget spaceships and laser guns – steampunk says it’s the Industrial Revolution that shows us what we’ve got to look forward to. Dress code: polished brass.

While fans of speculative fiction are not known for their adherence to high fashion, the genre produces no end of trends to follow. In recent years paranormal romance has put vampires back on the catwalk, posthumanism has been inspiring the look of science fiction for some time and the New Weird is still the new black in fantasy. But of all speculative fiction’s sub-genres, steampunk is proving to be among the most popular and influential.

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Holy Cow…where did all these books come from?

Its been ages since I updated my progress working through the infinite pile of books beside my bed, so here goes a brief round-up of the last three months.

Firstly, I read something like 120 short stories in various states of completition at Clarion. They were the greatest leaning resource for me as a writer I’ve ever had access to. Reading work in prgress, from seventeen writers who all had the potential to make an impact in speculative fiction, was much like being exposed to cutting edge scientific research.

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