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Writing Sci-Fi Short Fiction

I’ll be teaching a five week course in Writing Sci-Fi Short Fiction here in Leicester from 12th January. I was recently challenged to come up with reasons to attend this course on Twitter. My answer? By the end of five weeks you will have written, edited and submitted a complete short story. And I keep the sessions short then take everyone to the pub afterwards…:) Come along.

Writing Sci-Fi Short Fiction
Leicester Adult Education Centre, Wellington Street
Tuesday 19.00-21.00, 5 sessions from 12th January
Science fiction, fantasy and horror are among the most popular genres of contemporary fiction, producing best selling novels and influencing films and computer games. But many of the most successful writers learned their craft and broke into the industry by writing short stories. Students will learn how to plan, write and edit a sci-fi short story and gain valuable insight into the process of publication.

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The Entrepreneurial Writer

I will be giving a talk next Monday on the theme of The Entrepreneurial Writer as part of the New Ways With Writing series of talks organised by Writing School Leicester. Come along. The talk is about succesful writers are part of and contribute to many communities. I think it costs a few quid to get in.


The Entrepreneurial Writer – Damien G. Walter
Leicester Adult Education College, Wellington Street
23rd November, 7pm
Building a career as a writer takes energy, determination and an entrepreneurial spirit. Instead of waiting to be recognised by editors and agents, many now famous writers got started by setting up their own projects, from spoken word nights to small press publishers. But what separates the projects that succeed from the thousands of such projects that fail every year? With so many writers competing to be heard, is it the writers who listen who ultimately succeed?

Sci-Fi Writing Course

Well people, I’m teaching a one day course in writing short speculative fiction in Leicester in the month of November. I’ll be tossing in lots of what I learnt at Clarion, as well as various other fun and games. Details below, if you or anyone you know should want to take part.


Writing Fantasy and Sci-Fi Short Stories
One-day course on Sat 15th November, 10am – 4pm, £30
Enquiries: (0116) 233 4343 ext 227
Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror together form the field of ‘speculative fiction’, one of the most popular genres in commercial publishing, with millions of readers worldwide and a massive influence over films, television and video games. Within dozens of thriving markets, speculative short stories can be a great way for writers to build a name and reputation within the genre. This course will introduce students to the field and how to get these stories published. Workshop exercises will introduce key elements including originating ideas and world-building. Students will be helped to identify potential markets for their own work.

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