Sex Scenes *ho hum*

I think there is a literary award given for worst written sex scene. All the greats have won it – Roth, Rusdie etc. Not personal greats (boring, boring, boring) but none the less if I’m ever to share an award with them I hope it isn’t that one. And awkward sex scene disease seems to be going around

I was happily adding another a few thousand words to my NaNoWriMo total when BLAM! my perfectly platonic chapter goes and turns into a full on, 60’s stylee, free love romp fest! It took me as much by surprise as anyone. And now I’m left wondering – was it any good? Sure, writers ‘expose’ themselves with every word they write, but there is something very particularly risky about exposing your unique sexual vision for all to read. Particularly when you’re rushing to meet a 50k word limit and the delete key has become a mere memory in the midst of your feverish typing. And before you ask – no, I won’t be sharing an extract of the ‘lurve’ chapter. That ones getting a good editing before it goes anywhere.

As for NaNoWriMo I’ve had two days of VERY nasty flu disrupting my process, however I have added a few thosand to the wordcount, but I’m now a little behind the pace. A few late nights ahead of me when I’m fully recovered then.



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