The Beeb

A few weeks ago now I made a blind submission to the BBC. It was blind in that I wasn’t sure when I sent off the story exactly what I was submitting for. When I did track down the submission guidelines I realised the story I had e-mailed the day before was a little too long, not least because its one of the darkest things I’d ever written and peppered with swearing – not usualy a BBC staple.

It was much too my surprise then when earlier in the week the producer from the BBC e-mailed me to say they wanted to broadcast the story in a slot on BBC 7. Surprised is too weak a word. I need a word that means ‘sat and stared at my computer screen for 45 minutes until my senses returned’ but can’t think of one.

I’ve got some editorial changes too make (i.e. removing peppered swear words) but if things go according to plan the story will be broadcast on BBC 7 in the new year as part of a season called The 7th Dimension. I’ll post more details of exact times when they are confirmed.


2 thoughts on “The Beeb”

  1. Good for You! Seriously! This bight break down some boundaries and I can eventually submit somehting thats full of incest and rape to the BBC!
    We might even end up writing for Eastenders!…
    “Dot Cotton walks down to the Vic / Grant jumps out and CENSORD”
    hehe! :)



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