Eevil Muse

There is a great story by Neil Gaiman in his Sandman days about a writer who imprisons the muse Caliope and uses her to fuel his work until he becomes the worlds most acclaimed novelist. Unfortunately for the writer, Caliopea.k’s ex-boyfriend happens to be Morpheus, a.k.a The Sandman, King of Dreams and one of the Endless, who make Gods look like children. Morpheus is just a little annoyed to find  his ex forcibly incarcerated and inflicts a horrible punishment on the writer. He unleashes his imagination permanently, and the man goes insane as he is swamped by one wonderful idea after another but is unable to write one down before another comes along. The writer becomes so desperate to capture each piece of inspiration that he gnaws away his own fingers to write them in blood…

After my self imposed writing embargo over the X-mas break I had been finding it a little difficult to get anything down on paper, but afterforcing myself to the keyboard a few days running the momentum cam back big time this week, too big time in some ways. Part of the reason for taking a break from writing was to gain some perspective, disgard old ideas that had gone stale and maybe find some new ones. Although I’m not at finger gnawing point yet I have been overwhelmed with ideas I’ve wanted to try and get down on paper, at least half of which I’ve probably  forgotten now. Consequentialy this has been both a good and bad week on the fiction front, I’ve written a lot but its all been quite fragmentary and unrelated. Hopefuly some of those fragments will resolve themselves into complete stories or get rolled into the big novel push.

I’ve also discovered that I’m only 63% evil. How terribly average of me!


2 thoughts on “Eevil Muse”

  1. Oh man! I love that story am a bit of a Gaiman geek!
    Shush! Did a English BA, comic books are for children!
    Re-read smoke and mirrors by him recently!Still awsome, also trying to discover where my coppy of neverwhere got to!


  2. The title of this blog, ‘Don’t Look Down’ was also inspired by a Neil Gaiman story called ‘Fear of Falling’ in which a young thetre director on the eve of his first show has a dream of falling from a high place. its in top 5 Heil gaiman stories.



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