A Gnats Wing Beat…

…is considerably longer than my attention span.

I have what is probably a rather unhealthy writing system. Like my reading habits I’ve resorted to having multiple writing projects on the go in the hope that one will suit my mental state when I sit down to write. Just for fun I’m going to list all of my ‘open’ (i.e. unfinished) novels and stories. Please don’t feel you have to read this, in fact it might be better if you don’t.

Ancient Earth
The Sword and the Sorcery

The Burnt Earth

Urban Magic
Not So Easy

Earth Defence
Cats and Dogs

End Game
Unmade Man
Solid State


Dark Elf
The Sword
The Wizard
The Princess

The short stories are single ideas that need exploring, the novels are built more around setting and groups of characters. Just writing all of them down is already revealing because looking through the list I can start to see evolutionary relationships between things. The dramas are all variations on other others and written from opportunism more than passion so I’m going to put them to one side for the time being. The most developed strand are ‘Masques’ and ‘Helos’ which are two mutations of the same story. Close behind are the set of short stories through ‘001’ to ‘Modhead’ which all have similar themes and tone and could also be joined by a couple of my finished shorties. ‘The Burnt Earth’ is also completely developed and shares some elements with the group of short stories. ‘Not So Easy’ and ‘Urban Magic’ are both variations on the idea of magic in a contemporary setting that I keep coming back to but can’t seem to really get a handle on. ‘Konstanite’, ‘Creatures’ and ‘Mud’ are all related as New Weird takes on the fantasy genre. And then ‘Dark Elf’ through ‘The Princess’ are all similarly connected.

Things that crop up repeatedly –

Post-Genre: self-referential to genre writing, in the way a Tarantino crime movie knows its a crime movie.

Adventure vs. Ideas: trying to tell a ripping good yarn that also has something to say.

Style vs. Substance: surface level glitz or compelling character drama?

hmmm…a useful list to write.


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