Naturaly Suspicious of the French

Me and Lydia are off on holiday. Big house in France in a wood next to a lake. I’m told to be thankful if we find running water, so a wireless broadband connection seems unlikely. Hence, no posts until we return to the UK. What will I do without blog, MySpace and Facebook? Heavens, I might even get some writing done!

Should any mischance befall us, I blame Featherstone.


One thought on “Naturaly Suspicious of the French”

  1. I’m sure there’s nothing – or nothing much – to worry about, Damien. I think you’ll be well catered for if you do fall foul of a psychotic local, or have an unfortunate accident in the lake, for example, as I understand Limoges has the largest cemetery in Europe, so I’m sure there’ll be adequate room for you…and you’ll be back on home soil to boot!

    A pity about the unfinished novel, though.


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