Confessions of a fantasy junkie

My name is Damien, and I am a fantasy fan. It started as a child, when my mum read me The Lord of the Rings. Three times. Eventually tiring of JRR Tolkien, I scoured the shelves for alternatives. I found Ursula Le Guin but her great books were too few for my habit. So I turned to David Eddings – but even the 10 volumes of the Belgariad were soon exhausted. That’s when I got into Dragonlance. My fate was sealed.

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One thought on “Confessions of a fantasy junkie”

  1. Hi Damien

    I posted on the guardian blog to say how much I enjoyed the piece and all the recomendations that came out of it. Apart from your own blog, are there any other sites dedicated to new weird / myth punk / electro goth you’d recommend? (ok I made up the last category).



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