What have I kreeated!!

Three hours of writing in the library this evening (praise good for university libraries open until 2 am!) and I have found the ending of a new story! Kree Ah Tor has been sitting on my desktop, slowly accruing words for some months. The main sticking point has been the end. I started the story with a very clear end in mind, but once I wrote my way there it just did not work. And then tonight an ending popped into my head, and I think it’s the right one. Kree Ah Tor is a very weird story, probably my weirdest, and the most clearly ‘New Weird’ thing I have written. Hurrah for weirdness!

Weird things that have caught my eye…

I’ve been going easy on writers of literary fiction recently. But after reading this truly dispiriting article about writers who use their fiction to make thinly veiled attacks on other writers, I think I might be making a mistake. No wonder nobody bothers reading these people…

Alison Flood interviews Joe Hill. I rate Hill’s short fiction right up there with Kelly Link and Ted Chiang. Which reminds me, need to re-read 20th Century Ghosts


One thought on “What have I kreeated!!”

  1. Nobody bothers to read Crichton, Rowling, and McEwan anymore? Huh. You must live in an alternate universe.

    Have you read Etgar Keret? I just heard his “Fatso” on This American Life… Fabulous! Wickedly funny, a bit crass, and totally bizarre.



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