The Princess has been eaten

The story in progress is currently under the working title of Princess, Eaten by Beetles – Regurgitated. (PEBBR) I’m happy to report that the Princess in question has been eaten, and over the weekend will likely be regurgitated. I might post an extract here if and when I find the end of the story.

Just in case I haven’t told you yet, I’m helping organise the Everybody’s Reading festival in my home town of Leicester, nine days of events to get the city reading between 2nd-10th October 2010. If you live in or around the city and have some ideas for getting people reading or just want to lend a hand, give me a shout.

Oh. And I’m reading The Third Bear, new short fiction collection by Jeff Vandermeer. Which isn’t published yet. I’m only saying to make you feel jealous…


Yes, I know I’ve said some pretty rude things about poets, but I’m thinking of signing up for I Am an American Poet, This Is American Poetry. And you should also because it looks quite interesting.

2 thoughts on “The Princess has been eaten”

  1. Commenting on my own blog to test out an Apple iPad. Not sure about it so far, although typing is quite nice. I might enjoy writing on this, but it is not doing the job as a general purpose computer.


  2. Heya, I take it, it goes without saying that I will make myself available for a couple of days on the everybody’s Reading event if you can keep me busy. :)



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