500th Post – Are blogs good for writers?

Well. This is my 500th blog post. HHUUUURRRRAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Coincidentally, it’s also effectively four years since I started blogging. I opened my blog in April 2006, but did not really start using it fully until August that year, when I moved from Blogger to WordPress. Looking back at my first post, it was quite clear IContinue reading “500th Post – Are blogs good for writers?”

How big is SF fandom?

Whilst debating the possibilities of tomorrows SF magazines, I began idly wondering how big SF fandom really is. To give the question some parameters, SF fandom in this case means written speculative fiction, not mass media sci-fi. Once you add together all the cons, ‘zines, online and offline communities and all the other ways thatContinue reading “How big is SF fandom?”

There is an untapped audience for SF magazines

Will Ellwood continues our series of guest blogs from The Speculators writing group. Will writes short fiction with a hard edge that comments on contemporary politics and hacker culture. He is also a frequent contributor at the Whitechapel forums. I’m looking forward to seeing his story Freedom Fields in print sometime soon. *** There isContinue reading “There is an untapped audience for SF magazines”

Genres are the fossils left by movements

During a conversation between The Speculators writing group recently, we came up with this idea. Genres are the fossils left by movements. To explain. Movements are conversations between writers, conducted through stories. During the period of movement, writers are talking to each other, exchanging ideas and generally discussing how to move the art of fictionContinue reading “Genres are the fossils left by movements”

Thoughts on The Lifecycle of Software Objects

There is an intelligent question at the heart of Ted Chiang’s new novella, The Lifecycle of Software Objects. The story is set in a near future, where online virtual worlds have grown to such levels of sophistication that they are able to support genetic programmes which can imitate the behaviour of life. Initially marketed asContinue reading “Thoughts on The Lifecycle of Software Objects”

Guest Blog: The Silence of the Limeys

Jim Worrad is a member of of my writing group, The Speculators, and a fine writer of space opera styled science fiction. Jim and I were discussing the logistical problems of getting stories out to American magazines, and wonderful human being that he is, Jim agreed to pen a piece on the subject for thisContinue reading “Guest Blog: The Silence of the Limeys”