Damien Walter’s Extra Special Blog EXTRAVGANZA

My blog turned 10 years old earlier this year, and is barrelling towards it’s 1000th post (this is post 990). To celebrate this cornucopia of anniversaries, I’m announcing the next week will be dedicated to an EXTRAVAGANZA of blog posts. Here’s some of what to expect! Write Better Sci-Fi Stories…with this simple idea. Transrealism: theContinue reading “Damien Walter’s Extra Special Blog EXTRAVGANZA”

I have been blogging for 10 years! This is where it took me.

On 7th April 2006 I set up a blog on WordPress.com, with the intention of publishing book reviews. As first blog posts go, that one is fairly typical. We tend to begin blogging knowing more that we want to write, than what we want to write about. While it can be many things, at itsContinue reading “I have been blogging for 10 years! This is where it took me.”

The Density of Words

At anywhere between 80,000 to 150,000 words or more the average commercially published novel might seem like a huge space to fill. I know the idea of creating that many words is often intimidating to my writing students, who may never have written more than 2-3 thousand words on one story in the past. ButContinue reading “The Density of Words”

500th Post – Are blogs good for writers?

Well. This is my 500th blog post. HHUUUURRRRAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Coincidentally, it’s also effectively four years since I started blogging. I opened my blog in April 2006, but did not really start using it fully until August that year, when I moved from Blogger to WordPress. Looking back at my first post, it was quite clear IContinue reading “500th Post – Are blogs good for writers?”

30,000th Birthday

A little earlier this week this blog crossed the 30,000 hit barrier, only eight months after crawling over the 20,000 mark in October. To celebrate this wonderous news, a few random statistics for your bemusement. Total Posts: 363 Best Month: March 2009 with 1,960 hits (An average of 63 hits a day, which this month is onContinue reading “30,000th Birthday”

What the ?!

All blog owners are aware of the strange (and occaisionaly dirty) search terms people have used to find them. Well today I’ve had my all time favourite….(cue the drumroll)….and Damien’s favourite ever search term is… unlimited dessert trolley london Yes, I’ve checked on Google and for some bizarre reason this blog is the 20th resultContinue reading “What the ?!”

20,000th Anniversary

Congratulations reader number 20,000! Tonight you, whoever you are, have pushed this little blog past the 20,000 hit mark. Not much in the grand scheme of things, and probably less than a nanoseconds worth of Google traffic, but a giant leap (made in very small hops) for this little blog. Thank you all who haveContinue reading “20,000th Anniversary”