Places I Will Be

All quiet on the blog front. I have been writing. But I have to venture out in to the public eye in the near future, starting with:

Novacon – I will be at Novacon in Nottingham tomorrow, for at least the afternoon. I’ve never attended the convention before, so excited to see what kind of crowd it attracts.

Nottingham University – on Monday 15th November I will be giving two talks to creative writing students on Portfolio Careers and an Introduction to Speculative Fiction.

The Writer’s Toolkit – Saturday 20th November I zip over to Birmingham for this writer development event, where I will be joining a panel on Science Fiction and Fantasy.

In between I have *counts on fingers* three project plans to write, a new Guardian piece to figure out and a novel to continue. So, will not be blogging here much for the next few weeks (unless I just can’t help myself. I miss my blog!)



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