This is not a recession, it is the end of an era

UPDATE : won’t let me embed the Prezi, so you’ll just have to make use of your opposable thumbs and click the link.

If you haven’t discovered Prezi yet, you really should. It’s one of the most powerful communication tools on the interwebs, and possibly a minor-revolution for the written word. But this isn’t a post about Prezi. It’s a post about one line of text in the rather wonderful Prezi below.

New Economy, New Wealth presents an idea that has been lingering in my, and I’m sure in many other peoples heads, for quite some time. Namely, that this thing we call ‘The Economy’ seems to have stopped working. And it’s showing no signs of starting up again. And it never made any sense in the first place, when you look at it in the cold hard light of the Post0Capitalist now. I’m not going to explain any more, because the Prezi below does it better.

The line to look out for is the title of this post, ‘This is not a recession, it is the end of an era.’ I think this is an important idea to start spreading, because it’s something we all need to wrap our heads around double quick. We aren’t just going to return to the consumer economy most of us are used to. We’ve tipped over the brink in to the information economy. This is a good thing. BUT. The transition is going to hurt in direct proportion to the length of time it takes us all to realise it is happening. In fact, this recession has really been caused by people who either don’t realise or are in active denial about the changes we are facing.

Anyway. Feel free to not believe me. Just remember in ten years time when you are living in an autonomous localised commune, printing musical instruments from your 3D printer and trading your compositions for Wuffy, me and the Science Fiction people told you so.

New Economy, New Wealth on Prezi


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