Your chance to argue with Damo

So. This coming Saturday I will be talking about Speculative Fiction, and why it deserves the broadest possible respect and recognition, as part of the States of Independence publishers fair at De Montfort University in Leicester. I’ve been shooting my mouth off about this subject for some time, and now I’m going to do that in a public forum and give anyone interested the chance to challenge me. I think this is going to be fun!

An introduction to speculative fiction with Damien G. Walter
Speculative Fiction is one of the oldest forms of storytelling, with writers from Homer to Shakespeare drawing on the fantastic and supernatural to explore the edges of reality. The genres of Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction as well as magical realism and fabulism continue in the tradition. Damien G. Walter, writer of weird and speculative fiction and Guardian blogger gives a brief introduction to spec. fiction and why we love it.

3 thoughts on “Your chance to argue with Damo”

  1. Hi Damien,

    Just stopping by to say how much I enjoyed your talk at States of Independence 2! It’s just a shame everyone seemed to be stuck on the political weighting of SF. In my opinion, SF has no particularly inherent political outlook; so people should have been saying, for example, that Tolkien was conservative – not the whole genre. pffft, generalists.

    So hey, here’s a link to my crappy site :P.
    I’ll be looking you up on twitter.


  2. Damien,

    Thanks again for the talk at States of Independence 2 – it addressed many of the things that I’ve been sounding off about in the recent months and taught me a lesson in restraint (there were a couple of rants that I’ve abandoned as the talk made me see sense).

    Cheers again



    1. Thank you Sam! I really enjoyed doing the talk. Come and say hello if we’re in the same place anytime son. I will be at Alt.Fiction and Eastercon on the near future.


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