Won’t somebody please think of the billionaires!

As levels of inequality continue to sky rocket, the plight of the rich is getting worse by the day. We’re not saying it’s as bad as what orphans, women, people of colour, plague victims, the undead or supermodels who marry short rockstars have to go through…oh wait maybe we are.  by Richelle Richenstein The poorContinue reading “Won’t somebody please think of the billionaires!”

Technology of the Gods

Technology can give us the power of gods, but can it help us become more human? The promise of technology is the promise of power. Power over the material world, and over our fates as humans. Power that was once the sole domain of the gods. It was from them that Prometheus stole fire toContinue reading “Technology of the Gods”

What critics really mean when they say…

Nothing in publishing means what it says. Especially book reviews and the stuff they put in blurbs. Renowned – unknown Bestselling – crap New York Times bestseller – utter crap Seminal – almost dead Legendary – actually dead Cult – only readable by drug addicts A powerful debut – you will never hear from thisContinue reading “What critics really mean when they say…”

An open letter to Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon

Dear Jeff, Congratulations on your recent purchase of Goodreads The Washington Post All Creation. You already owned the world’s biggest marketplace for ebooks, and let’s give you credit for having the vision to make the Kindle happen. Now you own the biggest community of readers in the world, and those 16 million super-readers, and their influenceContinue reading “An open letter to Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon”