Boring old sci-fi

OK, I admit it, sci-fi is boring. After endless Star Trek re-runs, innumerable badly scripted Hollywood movies and a thousand video games with pixel-deep narrative, the once wondrous ideas of sci-fi have become yawn-inducing. Fortunately for me, beyond the world of tedious mass media sci-fi, lies the exciting world of literary science fiction or “SF”Continue reading “Boring old sci-fi”

The Alt. Report 2008

Alt.Fiction 2008 was, as predicted, fun, entertaining, enlightening and…expensive! Ticket to Alt.Fiction – £20. Various snack meals – £30. Too many excellent small press books and magazine subscriptions – £100. Getting to hear John Jarrold bang his fist on the table whilst telling us all that publishing is a commercial industry – £PRICELESS! I’ve seenContinue reading “The Alt. Report 2008”

Damo’s Guide to Embracing Rejection

Rejection phobia has to be the number one barrier to development as a writer that most people face. Taking the raw material of your soul, crafting into over long hours of sweat and toil into a unique expression of your inner being and then displaying it to the world only to get a rejection letterContinue reading “Damo’s Guide to Embracing Rejection”

Damo’s Guide to Getting Published More

It occurred to me that submitting stories to short fiction markets is a bit of a mystery to many people, so I thought I would write a post about it that some might find informative. I hope others don’t find it patronising. Ok, like most people I quite like bragging about my successes so I’llContinue reading “Damo’s Guide to Getting Published More”