Five lessons learnt at Clarion

The Clarion Writers workshops and are now taking applications. At the suggestion of Jim Kelly, former Clarionauts are sharing five things we learned at Clarion as a Facebook meme. Here are my five for non FB people. I want to be a great writer. Which is a real bummer, because being a greatContinue reading “Five lessons learnt at Clarion”

A Little Something for Us Clarionauts

Today is the two year anniversary of the start of Clarion 2008. This time two years ago I was being collected by Dan Pinney and Megan Kurashige from a random street corner in San Diego, for the drive up to La Jolla and UCSD where I and seventeen others were going to spend six weeksContinue reading “A Little Something for Us Clarionauts”

Being Good and Being Great

I tend to become a night-owl in the run up to exciting events. We are x-minus 4 days to the Writing Industries Conference. A few i’s need dotting but (touchwood) everything is going to plan, and we are very close to sold out. But none the less it’s 1:26am and I am very far fromContinue reading “Being Good and Being Great”

Wainscot Tarot and approaching goodbyes

Amidst my hectic Clarion schedule I’ve been working on a flash fiction piece for Behind the Wainscot, who are publishing a linked series of stories inspired by tarot cards a little later this month. I was pretty excited to be invited to take part, especialy when I saw the list of other contributors which includesContinue reading “Wainscot Tarot and approaching goodbyes”

Clarion, or a six week course in sleep deprivation.

So, I’m now settled into the routine at Clarion, which goes a little something like this – get up, eat breakfast, 3 -4 hours group critique of stories submitted the day before. Have lunch. Afternoon lecture, followed by tech session / other essential life maintenance chores, write, dinner, read stories for next morning, write critiqueContinue reading “Clarion, or a six week course in sleep deprivation.”

Aber Reads

The locals call Aberystwyth, the almost capital of Wales, simply Aber. It makes sense, its a mouthfull of constanants. Its an odd almost capital. Twelve thousands residents, seven thousands students. Some tourists and caravan parks. More than a few hippies and a sprinkling of writers, if you can seperate the two. I like it. IContinue reading “Aber Reads”

Invitation to Clarion

Earlier this week I received an invitation to attend the Clarion writers workshop in San Diego this summer. I haven’t been able to post until now because they were still informing people about places, but I’m seeing rejections posted up on the blogosphere so guess I can go public. I’m yet to see any acceptancesContinue reading “Invitation to Clarion”