Damo’s Guide to Embracing Rejection

Rejection phobia has to be the number one barrier to development as a writer that most people face. Taking the raw material of your soul, crafting into over long hours of sweat and toil into a unique expression of your inner being and then displaying it to the world only to get a rejection letterContinue reading “Damo’s Guide to Embracing Rejection”

Rings Extract

UPDATE: This extract from My Love Sick Zombie Boy Band was posted when the story was still being drafted under its working title of Rings. But this secene remained through to the final draft (largely) intact. *** Rings grew out of lots of thinking I’ve been doing about magic in urban settings, and the specificContinue reading “Rings Extract”

Momentum reviewed on The Fix

My short story Momentum has been reviewed as part of Electric Velocipede #13 on The Fix. Its a good review that pinpoints the same flaws in the story I would have, and pays it a big compliment. What with being reviewed, reviewing, writing new stuff, starting new freelance work, being mentored and sleeping I haven’tContinue reading “Momentum reviewed on The Fix”


Just read a pretty cool story name of Bears over at Strange Horizons, the site some are calling the future of speculative fiction. Judging by this story they may just be write. Sometime soon somebody is going to figure out that Heidegger and Stan Lee aren’t mutual exclusive poles of a cultural spectrum. More andContinue reading “Bears”

Electric Velocipede #13

Issue 13 of Electric Velocipede magazine launches tomorrow at World Fantasy Con in Saratoga, US. Among the contents is my short story ‘Momentum’. Its one of the shortest stories I’ve ever written, and just over one thousand words. EV editor John Klima has been nominated for a World Fantasy Award. Fingers crossed that he getsContinue reading “Electric Velocipede #13”

Countdown to Doomsday

I haven’t made any meaningful posts for a while. I’ve been working quite hard on ‘Rings’ so there hasn’t been much free time for work. Even though the finished story will only be 3 – 4k it’s in a very dense first person style which I’m enjoying, but it means a high work to wordContinue reading “Countdown to Doomsday”