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Not World Con 1

The programme for Not World Con 1 is starting to take shape thanks to contributions from around the world! The programme is very much still open, so please add your suggestions! Check back regularly for programme updates.

GoH / Reading List

Boneshop by Tim Pratt

Richard Morgan’s Thirteen

Anything by Neil Gaiman

Talks & Panel Discussions

6pm GMT – An Audience with Mary Burroughs

7pm GMT – Reviews that aim for the juggular with Luke Burrage

8pm GMT – SyFy or SighFigh with Matthew Sanborn Smith


Flight of the Conchords evening marathon and sing-a-long hosted by Ferret Steinmetz

Not the Hugo Awards

Nominate your favourite books of the year for a Not the Hugo! Nominations will be listed as part of the prgramme. Winners announced at the Not World Con banquet (tickets still available)


A WorldCon of our own

The World Science Fiction convention is well underway in Montreal by now. Up until a few weeks ago I was sure I would be attending, but when it came down to it I just could not justify it for this year. I’m doubly sad as many Clarion friends are there and I would love to see each and every one of them again, and our Clarion instructor Neil Gaiman is the guest of honour (I still find it hard to parse the reality that I spent six weeks being taught by Neil, Kelly, Jim, Geoff, Nalo and Mary-Ann just a year ago) and really wanted to see him take the Hugo (which I am certain he will).

But I refuse to be sad. Instead this weekend I am having a WorldCon of my own. My own micro-convention, to which I am inviting all my favourite authors (in their paper and print incarnations) and you. If you to are missing the party, then feel free to join me on Twitter @damiengwalter or #notworldcon and we can form our very own virtual con.

A few random links:

I say a bit about the Hugo’s for SF Signal

I argue for Neuromancer as the book that should have won the 1984 Booker prize. Others disagree. (perhaps more on this subject to come)

Sci-Fi Writing Course

Well people, I’m teaching a one day course in writing short speculative fiction in Leicester in the month of November. I’ll be tossing in lots of what I learnt at Clarion, as well as various other fun and games. Details below, if you or anyone you know should want to take part.


Writing Fantasy and Sci-Fi Short Stories
One-day course on Sat 15th November, 10am – 4pm, £30
Enquiries: (0116) 233 4343 ext 227
Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror together form the field of ‘speculative fiction’, one of the most popular genres in commercial publishing, with millions of readers worldwide and a massive influence over films, television and video games. Within dozens of thriving markets, speculative short stories can be a great way for writers to build a name and reputation within the genre. This course will introduce students to the field and how to get these stories published. Workshop exercises will introduce key elements including originating ideas and world-building. Students will be helped to identify potential markets for their own work.

For further details on this and many more courses see: