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Why do we write this SF stuff?

Today I bought a table. Its the final piece of furniture for my new home. Which is the first real home I have had since I was eighteen. Thats my own damn fault, for taking thirteen years to realise that a home is made, not found. The table is important, because it is where I am writing this. Over the years I have written in cafes, libraries, train stations, shopping malls, airplanes, buses, offices and many more places, anywhere other then wherever I happened to be living. But now I have a home I am comfortable writing in, and a table to write at. Continue reading Why do we write this SF stuff?

Food, San Diego, Clarion

There are seventeen other people in the world who know the slightly sick feeling I experienced when I read these words in the search terms used to find my blog just a few minutes ago:

Clarion San Diego Food

As I type eighteen new Clarionites are preparing to embark on the potentialy life changing experience that will be Clarion 2009. I know who you are, I’ve had a full list of your names and send you all good wishes. Continue reading Food, San Diego, Clarion

Clarion San Diego

I made my application to Clarion San Diego yesterday evening. Instructors include Kelly Link, Geoff Ryman and yes that is a picture of Neil Gaiman and yes he is one of the instructors. Clarion is basically Top Gun for science fiction and fantasy writers. Its been running since 1968 and in forty years its alumni include Tobia Buckell, Octavia Butler, Lucius Shepherd, Cort Doctorow, Lisa Tuttle, Bruce Sterling and many many more. They only take 18 students a year and get God knows how many applications so fingers crossed!

The Clarion Foundation are fundraising to secure the future of the workshops and make sure no writer granted a place is unable to attend for financial reasons with generous scholarships. If you are feeling generous make a donation or help spread the word.