Lost in a World of Words

I’m tired, in that good way you get from doing loads of things you really like doing. A full day of work on the writer’s conference, followed by the first Science Fiction and Politics workshop, followed by a couple more hours of graphic design work. Phew! The only problem with being this busy is thatContinue reading “Lost in a World of Words”

Clocks, bookshops, gothic fairies and Wolfes

I finished a new short story this evening. Its one of those stories that isn’t so much written as grown. Its been sitting on my desktop for a year. Every so often I add anything from a few lines to an entire paragraph. I think of this as writing by accrual. The story builds upContinue reading “Clocks, bookshops, gothic fairies and Wolfes”

Join the Gene Wolfe book club

Need more intellectual roughage in your post Christamas cultural diet? Well John Klima may just have the answer. Not satisfied with reading an entre 53 books last year, Mr Klima has set himself the task of reading all 12 books of The Solar Cycle by Gene Wolfe. And you can join him in his endeavourContinue reading “Join the Gene Wolfe book club”