Lost in a World of Words

I’m tired, in that good way you get from doing loads of things you really like doing. A full day of work on the writer’s conference, followed by the first Science Fiction and Politics workshop, followed by a couple more hours of graphic design work. Phew! The only problem with being this busy is thatContinue reading “Lost in a World of Words”

TOC Year’s Best SF 26

Gardner Dozois has announced the table of contents for The Year’s Best Science Fiction, twenty sixth annual collection over at the Asimov’s forum. As IO9 observes, there are a very large number of original anthologies represented in the TOC. Are the digests dead? Did they fall or where they pushed? Interzone, Postscripts and Solaris holdContinue reading “TOC Year’s Best SF 26”

The Politics of Gloom

The debate on positivity in science fiction continues. Co-editor of Years Best SF Kathryn Cramer makes a robust response to my Guardian article on the subject. Lou Anders, editorial director of Pyr, finds the middle ground and Jetse de Vries, who started the debate back in January, rebutts Cramer’s response. There have been too manyContinue reading “The Politics of Gloom”