Dear Damo : Why isn’t my space opera novel selling?

Welcome to the first in a new series of blog posts where I answer your questions about life, love, and self publishing. All names are changed to protect the innocent. Send your questions to me on Twitter @damiengwalter¬†using hashtag #DearDamo * Dear Damo! I’ve always wanted to be a BESTSELLING writer! So, a few weeksContinue reading “Dear Damo : Why isn’t my space opera novel selling?”

Why E-Books Are Winning

I’ve spent a good part of this evening reading an e-book on my iPhone. Which, since getting the new iPhone 4 with the excellent high definition Retina display, has become a regular activity. Combined with the iBooks and Kindle apps, the iPhone is a great e-reader, and has displaced my Sony Pocket, primarily because itContinue reading “Why E-Books Are Winning”

The Kindle is to E-Books as the IPod is to…

Or rather not. Today over at the Guardian, Jack Schofield asks if the Kindle ebook reader is becoming Amazon’s IPod. Schofield argues that it may be newspapers, not books, that lauch the e-reader revolution and draw the Kindle up to IPod status. But as Schofield himself points out, its more likely that e-books will proceedContinue reading “The Kindle is to E-Books as the IPod is to…”

Kindle – Publisher Bane?

Amazon released its new Kindle e-book reader today. Techie types have been predicting the rise of the e-book for decades. Is it finally about to happen? Either way, its the publishers who should be scared of e-books. And writers who stand to benefit. If a healthy online market place for e-books emerges, it really callsContinue reading “Kindle – Publisher Bane?”