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To self publish or to not

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about self publishing recently. I’ve been considering two projects that might be described as self publishing. And I’ve been looking at how self publishing fits into my professional life as a literature development worker. And I’ve just been following a thread incited by a Facebook status update from Mary Robinette Kowal on the brutal existence of self published authors at conventions. Basically, I think its time I put some of this into words.

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Bullet Proof Soul

Mur Lafferty made some perceptive statements about the twin terrors of Humbleness and Hubris on the latest episode of I Should Be Writing. You can listen there to Mur’s take on why you need to keep those two demons in balance. I was really taken by her passing reference to the bullet proof soul and I’ve been thinking about it most of the afternoon.The Black Bull is about a person selling their soul. Worse, she knows that she is doing it, and she knows exactly what it will cost her but she feels she has to do it anyway. Thats the end of the story, but I know that later that character could find a kind of redemption, and the end hints at that. When I think about it, the girl in The Black Bull is in possession of a bullet proof soul. Lots of the protagonists in my stories have this quality, a part of themselves that can’t be touched by any trauma, that they discover during the story. Thats quite a revelation to stumble into on a Monday afternoon.