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Birthday, Story Sales, Stiff Back

My 32nd birthday arrived today, along with my first incidence of backpain! Old age seems to be coming sooner than expected. I’m sitting up very straight whilst typing, perhaps this will help.

I arrived at my birthday pre-cheered by two recent story sales:

John Klima at the Hugo award winning Electric Velocipede has bought My Love Sick Zombie Boy Band. I think this was the story that got me into Clarion, and then received copious workshop notes from Kelly Link. I think it’s my best story to date, so I’m very happy to know it will see publication. You can read a short extract, posted during the original writing of the story. Its my second publication in Electric Velocipede, which makes me extremely happy.

And the excellent chaps at StarShipSofa have generously agreed to include my story Momentum (Originaly oublished in EV #13) in a future edition of Aural Delights. I love hearing my stories in audio, and this is the third one I’ve been lucky enough to have produced. A fe wmore and I can release an album! (Rock stardom here we come)

And thanks to everyone who sent birthday greetings, I love you all.


Double Whammy

Two rejections today. One from Fantasy magazine saying no to ‘Rings’, after a re-write and retitle to ‘My Lovesick Zombie Boyband’. I like the re-write however so it was worth doing. Horizon was also rejected for Nemonymous 8, which makes rejection number ten for that story. I maintain faith in it though even after some harsh criticism and will find a home for it yet.

Following Heinlein’s law number four, both stories have gone straight back on the market. ‘MLZB’, formerley ‘Rings’ is now with Anne Vandermeer at Weird Tales (my second attempt to break into that market) and Horizon goes to the team at Ideomancer. All available appendages crossed.