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SOZD Progress Report

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in Support Our ‘Zines Day! I’ve been wonderfuly surprised by how many people have taken the time to get involved. Here are a selection of just a few of the good people who have shown their support:

M-Brane SF say 10/1 is SOZD

Electric Velocipede remind us how much positive feedback can help

Diva Diane calls me a mastermind (thanks!)

Kaleidotrope know that every bit of support helps

Charles Tan continues his stalwart support for the campaign

Juliet E Mckenna supports Murky Depths and Albedo One

Dark Wolf adds Nautilus and Beneath Ceaseless Skies to the meme

Scheherezade in Blue Jeans gets behind EV

Punk Tortoise likes SOZD

More suggestions from Charles Tan

Angry Robotess Aliette de Boddard remembers a few favourite stories

Cheryl Morgan supports SOZD and provides helpful words from Amanda Palmer

Over in the Twittersphere we’ve been listing a few of the ‘zines you might like to follow and support. Thanks to @kaolinfire @rsdevin @upwithgravity & @agamisu among others. #sozd for details.

There is no way to know how any of this translates to actual support for our ‘zines, but lets hope that at the least a few new subscriptions have been taken out. And it’s not over yet. Even as SOZD comes to a close here in the UK, many other time zones still have at least a few hours left.

Zine Link-up Meme

So. No idea if this will work. But, to give people a handy guide to ‘zines they can donate to on Support Our ‘Zines Day (1st October 2009), I’m going to try and put together a complete list of speculative fiction ‘zines! However, I don’t want to do all the work myself, so am stealing the recent SF Reviewers Link-up Meme to make the…’ZINE LINK-UP MEME! I’ve added a few of the big ‘zines, just to get it started.

The ‘Zine Link-up Meme

Copy and paste the list (including links) of speculative fiction ‘zines below to your blog or website (include this informative introduction as well). Add your ‘zine (and link). Any ‘zine of any size and format that publishes speculative fiction of any kind can take part. Let other people, especially people publishing ‘zines, know about the meme. And help publicise Support Our ‘Zines Day by linking back to: https://damiengwalter.wordpress.com/sozd/

Asmiov’s science fiction

Analog science fiction and fact

Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

How to Support Our ‘Zines



What are ‘zines?

The short answer is that ‘zines are where we go to find good, new short fiction. Magazines like Asimov’s or Weird Tales. Fanzines like Electric Velocipede or Shimmer. Webzines like Clarkesworld or Strange Horizons. Podcasts like Escape Pod and The Drabblecast. There are hundreds and maybe even thousands of ‘zines publishing speculative fiction stories, and from the largest to the smallest they all contribute to building the SF community. Continue reading How to Support Our ‘Zines

We need a ‘Support our ‘Zines Day’


Last week I put a call out for suggestions of magazines that as an SF fan I should be reading. My subscriptions have lapsed recently (its been a busy year) so this week I wanted to renew some subscriptions and start a few new ones. I wanted to do this because I get a huge amount of joy from reading and listening to good stories, and want to contribute to keeping the publications I like going. I think a lot of people feel the same. So why don’t more of us subscribe and donate to our favourite publications?

Continue reading We need a ‘Support our ‘Zines Day’