At the heart of the maze i will find

I finished a rewrite of Clocks over the weekend. The result were many corrected misuages of the noble apostrophe and a new title ‘At the heart of the maze i will find’, the lower case i being a deliberate feature to fox autocorrect software. I’m starting to reach a pattern with titles, where the usualyContinue reading “At the heart of the maze i will find”

Ask not what your ‘zine can do for you

I spent most of this Sunday evening planning out a talk I’m giving tomorrow on the subject of The Entrepreneurial Writer. Part of this talk could be called ‘How to get ahead in the cut throat egotistical world game of being a writer’, but mostly I am talking about how writers are important to communities,Continue reading “Ask not what your ‘zine can do for you”

We need a ‘Support our ‘Zines Day’

***UPDATE: SUPPORT OUR ‘ZINES DAY now 1ST OCTOBER*** Last week I put a call out for suggestions of magazines that as an SF fan I should be reading. My subscriptions have lapsed recently (its been a busy year) so this week I wanted to renew some subscriptions and start a few new ones. I wantedContinue reading “We need a ‘Support our ‘Zines Day’”

Lamentation by Ken Scholes

One of my favourite stories of last years was Summer in Paris, Light from the Sky by Ken Scholes in Clarkesworld magazine. I loved the stopry so much that I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of Schole’s first novel, which has recently been released in hardback in the States. We may have to wait sometimeContinue reading “Lamentation by Ken Scholes”

Help Damien Pick His Holiday Reads

Its a tough life being a writer. Take poor old William Gibson. I read all of Gibson’s books obsessively in my mid-teens. I’ve traveled great distances to see him speak. I’ve even twice been compared to him in pseudo psychometric testing. But when I was less than gripped by his new novel ‘Spook Country’ IContinue reading “Help Damien Pick His Holiday Reads”

Honking Great Update

Its Sunday and I finally have a free half-hour to update the blog. So how is my life as a writer for hire going? Well since going PT at work I have installed myself as unoffical writer in residence at Leicester University Library where the studious atmosphere and lack of internet mean I have noContinue reading “Honking Great Update”