Is there any such thing as Geek Culture?

There is no end, it seems, to the impotent outrage of geek dudes who feel hard done by because scifi films no longer exclusively feature geeky white dude protagonists. Here’s the latest dumb s*&t from those guys: Any dork hating on Ready Player One stems from jealousy since Ernest Cline seems to be living theContinue reading “Is there any such thing as Geek Culture?”

The Player of Games : why learning to win at games can make you a loser

The Player of Games by Iain M Banks makes a powerful argument for peace as the ultimate strategy.

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Geek Culture and why the editorial process is broken

“Geek culture is stupid and its fans are losers.” “Sci-fi novels are trash and their writers are hacks.” “Superhero movies are just about muscular blokes blowing stuff up.” “Role-Playing Games are for total nerds!” Support Geek Culture on Patreon! I don’t believe these sentiments. Well, not all of them and not completely…but they are widelyContinue reading “Geek Culture and why the editorial process is broken”