The remarkable Neal Stephenson interview

Neal Stephenson – legendary author of speculative fiction –  on Elon Musk and geek culture, the  NSA revelations of Edward Snowden, how negative cultural narratives are killing big science  – and the upbringing that made him the writer he is. IN LATE 2013 I had the opportunity to interview the author Neal Stephenson. Some Remarks,Continue reading “The remarkable Neal Stephenson interview”

What is geek culture’s big problem with criticism?

This essay was written with the support of my patrons. If you find value in my writing, please consider becoming one of my backers¬†on Patreon. Or if a regular donation isn’t possible, you can purchase my¬†short story collection. I do understand why people often react poorly to cultural criticism. If I was in a dark,Continue reading “What is geek culture’s big problem with criticism?”

Geek Culture and why the editorial process is broken

“Geek culture is stupid and its fans are losers.” “Sci-fi novels are trash and their writers are hacks.” “Superhero movies are just about muscular blokes blowing stuff up.” “Role-Playing Games are for total nerds!” Support Geek Culture on Patreon! I don’t believe these sentiments. Well, not all of them and not completely…but they are widelyContinue reading “Geek Culture and why the editorial process is broken”