Writers…do you know your Revenue Per Reader?

As regular readers will know, over the last few months I’ve been dedicating some of my professional time to building a Patreon. In around 6 months I went from $18 of support, to over $2oo per month, which buys me a couple of extra days each month to work on my own writing. But mostContinue reading “Writers…do you know your Revenue Per Reader?”

Geek Culture and why the editorial process is broken

“Geek culture is stupid and its fans are losers.” “Sci-fi novels are trash and their writers are hacks.” “Superhero movies are just about muscular blokes blowing stuff up.” “Role-Playing Games are for total nerds!” Support Geek Culture on Patreon! I don’t believe these sentiments. Well, not all of them and not completely…but they are widelyContinue reading “Geek Culture and why the editorial process is broken”