Agent and editor 1-2-1 meetings at WIC 2010

A little more information the Writing Industries Conference 2010, including agents and editors available for 1-2-1 meetings. W00t! *** Writing Industries Conference 2010 Saturday 6th March 2010, Loughborough University A Literature Network, Writing East Midlands and Loughborough University project. Twitter #wic2010 Book tickets online here. WIC 2010 – APPLY NOW FOR AGENT AND EDITORContinue reading “Agent and editor 1-2-1 meetings at WIC 2010”

Writing Industries Conference 2010

I’m organising the second Writing Industries Conference (having organised the first one in 2008). A chance to meet agents and editors and get information from the horses mouth about the writing industries. If you are in the East Midlands region or happy to travel a little way, then take advantage of our early bird ticketContinue reading “Writing Industries Conference 2010”

Writing Industries Conference 2008

My big work thing for the new year is a Literature Network project, the first East Midlands Writer’s Conference, dubbed the Writing Industries Conference 2008. If you are within spitting distance of Loughborough on Saturday 9th February 2008 then get along and join in. Agent one-to-ones, keynotes speakers, editors and other industry professionals from acrossContinue reading “Writing Industries Conference 2008”

This Message Brought to You By…

Some time ago I made a funding bid to Arts Council England to support my professional  development as a writer and freelance creative. It seems my stars were aligned correctly as my bid was successful, which is great. Thank you Arts Council. I’ve been waiting all year to make use of the grant. There haveContinue reading “This Message Brought to You By…”

My Name Is Damien, I Write Fanfic

I have two events this evening and, much as I’m looking forward to them, I’m also a bit bummed out about them. I’ve been working all day, now I’m going to work all evening. Work seems to be stretching out before like an endless chasm, exacerbated by this weeks debt owed to the bank ofContinue reading “My Name Is Damien, I Write Fanfic”

The Names Have Been Changed to Protect the Innocent

I’ve just started a 6 month mentoring programme that has grown out of both my literature devlopment work and my interests as a writer. I’m going to make a few posts about it here on the Don’t Look Down blog as a way of recording my progress and I thought it might also be ofContinue reading “The Names Have Been Changed to Protect the Innocent”

And the kids go crazy…

I spent the morning introducing children’s writer Jacqueline Wilson to a school full of 7-11 yr olds. I’ve never seen that many kids so excited about meeting a writer before – and who says books aren’t cool! Unfortunately I left my camera on a table in a cafe after the event. Doh! Hopefully I’ll beContinue reading “And the kids go crazy…”