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A Night of Strange and Vivid Pictures

I had a sleepless night last night. Not a ‘deep dark tea time of the soul’ kind of night, more a ‘strange vivid pictures in the head’ kind of night. About midnight the first paragraph of a story I’ve been considering for some time came to mind. I worked on the story for an hour or so, but when I tried to turn off the light my mind just would not let go of the thing. I kept getting back up and scribbling a few more notes. So by morning I had the opening of a new story, and an eight hour sleep deficit. When I did sleep I had weird, visionary dreams that were so close to real life I kept thinking I was awake. Then when I was awake, my thoughts were so dislocated I wondered if I was still asleep. Then I went out for breakfast and made notes about dream addiction and drug induced psychosis in aboriginal shaman (which is an idea I encountered in The Hero With A Thousand Faces).

As 2010 approaches I realise I’ve had the pleasure of making many, many new friends this year, so to friends both old and new, Happy New Year!

A few catch up links and some news..

Jeff Vandermeer has been hosting a fascinating debate on Paying it forward, Paying it Back, Using Your Leverage. I think Jeff’s Booklife articles are becoming essential reading for anyone in the writing game.

If you can spare a few coins, consider supporting the Spider Robinson fundraiser (You will get a really cool e-book in return)

My short story Cthul-You will be repeated on BBC Radio 7, 6th January and 18:45 and 00:45. For UK residents it should also be on iPlayer for a week following that date. You can read the ‘Uncensored’ version here.


Cthul-You on Feedbooks

I’ve been an iPhone user for a year now, and over that time I’ve become a huge fan of e-books and the Stanza ebook reader software on that platform. One of the best features of Stanza is access to Feedbooks, an online platform for publishing public domain and new original books. I’ve been interested in publishing something to the platform for sometime, so today I decided to take the plunge.

You can read my short story Cthul-You (originally broadcast on BBC Radio 7 last year) online by following the link below. You can download the e-book and read it on your computer, or any number of reader and mobile device including the Kindle, Sony Reader, iPhone and Android phones.

Cthul-You on Feedbooks – http://feedbooks.com/userbook/7655

I am going to make regular reports on the success or otherwise of this venture, so other writers interested in making use of Feedbooks can follow my self publishing adventure.

iPlayer and the Sofanauts

My short story Cthul-You is repeated on BBC iPlayer this week. Whenever the beeb repeat this story I start getting hits on the blog ‘damien g walter’ along with ‘disturbed’, ‘sick’ and ‘evil’. Its the only real horror story I’ve tackled so I’m glad it had the intended effect.

Tony C. Smith has invited be back on the Sofanauts this week, subscribe in iTunes or the podcatcher of your choice and listen to myself and the other panelists ramble on about various sfnal topics.