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We need more beautiful magazines

Mary Robinette Kowal made a wonderful point on tonight’s Sofanauts. In a discussion on the iPhone as e-reader Mary argued that e-books and online ‘zines would not kill printed publications. But the publications that survive will be the ones who understand the value of the physical object they are producing. I could not agree more. Continue reading We need more beautiful magazines

iPlayer and the Sofanauts

My short story Cthul-You is repeated on BBC iPlayer this week. Whenever the beeb repeat this story I start getting hits on the blog ‘damien g walter’ along with ‘disturbed’, ‘sick’ and ‘evil’. Its the only real horror story I’ve tackled so I’m glad it had the intended effect.

Tony C. Smith has invited be back on the Sofanauts this week, subscribe in iTunes or the podcatcher of your choice and listen to myself and the other panelists ramble on about various sfnal topics.

Damo and the Sofanauts

I’ve been a massive podcast fan since I bought my first iPod. I’ve always been a sci-fi fan, but podcasts like Escape Pod, I Should Be Writing and The Dragon Page introduced me to a whole new world of SF. I’ve been listening to Starship Sofa since the early days, so today I was really proud to take part in the first of a new show from the Starship Sofa team, The Sofanauts.

Anyone who has listened to The Week In Tech will be familiar with the format of The Sofanauts, which aims to be The Week in Sci-Fi. A gang of SF fans, bloggers and writers meet every week to talk about SF in all it’s glory!

I’ve just finished recording the first episode and REALLY enjoyed it. I joined host Tony C Smith, Escape Pod editor Jeremiah Tolbert and Matthew Sanborn Smith.

Go listen!