Damo’s Ebook Reader Review

So. As regular readers will know I gifted myself an eReader for Xmas. I did this for  a number of reasons. Firstly, I read. A lot. I read for my day job, for my writing, as a reviewer and for pleasure, so I wanted to see if an eReader could make my work stream moreContinue reading “Damo’s Ebook Reader Review”

Momentum in Art and Things magazine

My short story Momentum (first published in Electric Velocipede #13) appears with a wicked little illustration in the utterly trendy Art & Things magazine, issue 2. You can read the magazine in a beautiful online edition or pick it up at a variety of excellent retailers including Foyles, Borders and the Tate Modern. Read MomentumContinue reading “Momentum in Art and Things magazine”

Limited Edition Damo

Right people. John Klima, editor at Electric Velocipede has recently become a father for the second time (congratulations!), but unfortunately now also finds himself the sole earner in his household. But to every cloud is a silver lining, because John  has decided to sell off all remaining stock of Electric Velocpede #13 (among other things)Continue reading “Limited Edition Damo”

Electric Velocipede #13

Issue 13 of Electric Velocipede magazine launches tomorrow at World Fantasy Con in Saratoga, US. Among the contents is my short story ‘Momentum’. Its one of the shortest stories I’ve ever written, and just over one thousand words. EV editor John Klima has been nominated for a World Fantasy Award. Fingers crossed that he getsContinue reading “Electric Velocipede #13”

Countdown to Doomsday

I haven’t made any meaningful posts for a while. I’ve been working quite hard on ‘Rings’ so there hasn’t been much free time for work. Even though the finished story will only be 3 – 4k it’s in a very dense first person style which I’m enjoying, but it means a high work to wordContinue reading “Countdown to Doomsday”