Six Words That Changed The World

Wired magazine approached the worlds most noted fiction auteurs for six word stories. Here’s what they got. And some more attempts at the Asimovs web board Here are my tiny epics – Humanity achieves ascendence. Republicans left behind. Aliens purchase Earth. Corporate bonuses soar. Microsoft patents Hope. Download patch here. Rapture hits Britain.Continue reading “Six Words That Changed The World”

Carving lines on the jail cell wall

I’ve been continuing with outlining process on … … … you know I really have to come up with a pseudonym for the novel project until I run into a title I’m happy with. OK then, from henceforth the current novel project shall be called … (cosiders momentarily) … SWORD! What do you mean it’sContinue reading “Carving lines on the jail cell wall”

British Library Discovers Blogs…And Only a Decade Late

I woke up this morning to discover that the British Library and a collection of their National Trust partners had declared today a sort of national blog day. In an attempt to capture the minutiae of ordinary life our nations bastions of learning have invited the normal everyday of people to toddle along to theContinue reading “British Library Discovers Blogs…And Only a Decade Late”

Why Blog?

As usual the folks over at the Asimov’s magazine forum have sparked up another interesting conversation. Is blogging egocentric? Given that most blogs are never read or read by only a small handful of people, you could argue that a blog is no more egocentric than a secret diary. In many ways I findContinue reading “Why Blog?”